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Thursday, 21 February 2013 05:45

Food insecurity is still an endemic issue in many parts of ASEAN region. Despite being one the main food-producing region in the world, ASEAN is still host to millions of farmers that are still competitively disadvantaged and vulnerable to food insecurity. One of the main constraint for achieving food security is the absence of mechanisms for farmers to actively play a part in making in-situ or on-farm improvements or managing their own farm risks due to the lack of access to the relevant technology, including information, knowledge and skills that allow them to do so.

By reducing the gap in accessing the available technology that can be used to improve agriculture, food security and nutrition, farmers can be empowered and equipped to act independently and proactively to reduce risks and losses, hence become more resilient to food insecurities.

This Project takes off from the last ASEAN Food Security Conference (Manila on18-19 July 2011) themed “Improving Access, Advancing Food Security”, where “Access to Technology” has been identified as one of the three key areas that needs to be addressed in order to tackle food insecurity issues in the region.  Participation of SEACON in the Conference has prompted this project which helps to support the vision towards one ASEAN Economic Community, integrating the priorities in rural development and poverty eradication as framed in the ASEAN Framework Action Plan on Rural Development and Poverty Eradication (RDPE 2004-2010). The RDPE Framework, which responds to challenges arising from regional integration, globalization and trade liberalization, has identified narrowing the Digital Divide by promoting the use of ICT as a tool to integrate farmers as part of the ICT networked communities.  The proposed project can further support the work of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on the importance of knowledge and information for achieving global food security by improving access of rural farmers in ASEAN to information and knowledge about available technologies on sustainable agriculture and food security.

This proposed project also helps to enhance Component 3 of the ASEAN Integrated Framework on Food Security and Strategic Plan of Action on Food Security (AIFS-SPA 2009-2013), which emphasizes on enhancing integrated food security information system, through human resource development and information network development.


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