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Monday, 28 September 2015 15:38

In celebration of Malaysia Day (16 September), SEACON in partnership with SRI-Mas joined the Malaysiaku Rice Festival held in AP, Bangsar. This festival was a celebration of the different cultures of Malaysia and was an opportunity to promote the local agricultural community that SEACON and SRI-Mas partners with in their activities. Locally grown rice and bamboo were the main commodities that were promoted during the day, increasing the guests’ awareness of organic farming, food safety, environmental issues, small and family farming, local production, etc.


Visitors were introduced to organically grown brown rice, which was cultivated using the innovative SRI method. A tasting of the rice was offered and rice grown by Sri-Lovely (Kedah) and Sri-Jembal (Kelantan) were on sale throughout the day. Moreover, SRI-Mas’ researchers carried out a sensory analysis to assess public perception of rice at different stages of milling.



Bamboo is a hardy crop that can mitigate the impact of flooding in flood-prone areas of Malaysia. Moreover, bamboo has numerous and diverse practical applications as crafts and for building material. To the delight of the visitors, an exhibit of bamboo cabin models, and furniture was on display. Sustainable living was a central issue presented throughout the day, as carbon credit in the form of bamboo charcoal was on sale for the guests.

Visitors were also encouraged to write and draw messages on bamboo sheets to express their thoughts on the knowledge they were gaining from the exhibits.

This day was a good awareness campaign and we hope to join many more to come!


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