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What is SAFSeN?

SAFSeN is an ICT-based and mobile e-farm-to-plate Information platform on technologies, techniques and tools related to sustainable agriculture, food and nutrition.


SAFSeN is a tool developed by SEACON in partnership with the ASEAN Foundation, and funded through the ASEAN-Japan Solidarity Fund. The first phase of SAFSeN project involves farmers and farming communities in five ASEAN Member States, namely Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.


Key Objectives of SAFSeN

- Provide access-to-technology (Promote and share advancement of SAFSeN technologies)
- Reduce the gap of Digital Divide
- Promote sustainable agriculture
- Strengthen knowledgeable, well-informed and proactive ASEAN farmers
- Improve earnings and livelihoods of ASEAN farmers
- Improve health quality of farmers and consumers
- Conserve agricultural land and natural resources


Enhancing food security resilience and farmer empowerment is integrated in SAFSeN through

* Exposure to appropriate and sustainable technologies by means of I.S.E.T





Empowering farmers by means of

providing relevant options

providing tools and information to decide through informed choices

promoting farmer-owned innovation and products


SAFSeN specifically shares information on technologies for:

Sustainable agriculture and production system

ecologically sound

economically viable

socially and economically equitable

meet the needs of both the present and future generations.


Food and Nutrition (Food System)

Ensuring consumers with continuous availability and adequate supplies of safe, wholesome, nutritious, varied and reasonably priced food generally accepted environmental and social standards and practices.


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